18 April, 2010

Pope meets with sex abuse victims in Malta - CTV News

"Pope Benedict XVI met with a group of clerical abuse victims Sunday and promised them the Catholic Church would implement "effective measures" to protect young people in the future.

The Vatican said Benedict expressed his "shame and sorrow" at the pain the men and their families suffered and prayed with them during the meeting at the Vatican's embassy in Malta."

Together with the issuing of the clarification of the universal 'one strike' policy that the Pope issued last week (which calls for MANDATORY reporting of any allegation to civil authorities, we can see that B16 is serious when he states that the Church is changing the way it handles these scandalous activities on the part of a few priests and bishops.

Sadly the story goes on to say:

"Victims' advocacy groups have demanded that the Vatican take concrete steps to protect children and remove abusive priests, saying the pope's expressions to date of solidarity and shame are meaningless unless actual action is taken."

I say 'sadly' because these victims advocacy groups such as SNAP have allowed themselves to become beholden to their single largest source of income... the couple of law firms that are driving these suits on a contingency fee basis. SNAP and others are obliged to castigate and reject anything that the Vatican puts forward as a solution lest they diminish the size of the settlements - which would threaten their funding!

Read the complete story by clicking on the link below.

Pope meets with sex abuse victims in Malta - CTV News

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