17 April, 2010

Richard Dawkins, evolve thyself - Full Comment

"Dawkins of course knows that won’t happen. British judges almost always refuse to deal with crimes that, if they existed, happened outside the U.K.’s jurisdiction. It would take a mountain of evidence to produce anything like the “universal jurisdiction” warrant from a Spanish court that led to Augusto Pinochet’s arrest in London in 1998. Pinochet was charged with mass murder while dictator of Chile, a rather more impressive crime than the cover-up that the Pope’s critics believe they have exposed. Anyway, as a head of state, the Pope has immunity under international law.

So the arrest is a publicity stunt to denigrate the Pope and his Church. Dawkins more or less admitted that when he wrote on his blog the other day: “I am optimistic that we shall raise public consciousness to the point where the British government will find it very awkward indeed to go ahead with the Pope’s visit.”

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Robert Fulford: Richard Dawkins, evolve thyself - Full Comment


  1. Iain G. Foulds17 April, 2010

    ... Greetings Fr. Tim.
    ... In that you are in the diocese of Pembroke, you are well familiar with my former community- Madonna House. For seven years, they put up with me- a miracle in itself.
    ... Thank you for your presence and participation at the NP forum.
    ... Cheers- Iain

  2. G'Day Iain,

    I've had more than a few visits and meals as I enjoyed the Madonna House hospitality... although I never could get used to what they try to pass of as 'coffee' (YUCK!)

    Welcome to my blog, and thank you for the compliment on my NP participation.

    Fr. Tim

  3. "As always, 'raising public consciousness' means 'manipulating opinion.'"

    Right. And that's a weapon that's flung around carelessly by both sides. So let's not have any claims being made for the "higher moral ground," okay?


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