20 April, 2010

The 'nap' seen round the world!

Pope Benedict nod's off at recent mass! Truthfully it's not hard to understand. After a weekend of masses, driven all over the Island of Malta to give or listen to numerous speeches, all under the 30 lbs of vestments... and all at the age of 83 yrs!
I'd take a nap as well!


  1. neveurmagne20 April, 2010

    My father,who regularly fell asleep in church, would claim that it was a sign of a clear conscience.

  2. Hey, any time you can take a nap on the job and the boss doesn't fire your butt out the door, you've got it made! LOL!

  3. Cute...lol. He's earned the right to nap!

  4. Here is my caption on Pope Benedict sleeping break:
    " I am taking a nap, but remember God is still in controlled!"...Lina

    By the way...I like to know what the gentlemen around the Pope were thinking? Should we poke him to wake up? lol..lol..


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