14 April, 2010

A tale of two battles

Here is the original article from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in which the author states that if it was correct to invade Afghanistan because of 9/11, and Iraq for allegedly possessing WMD, then the Vatican should be bombed and the Pope 'chased through the sewers until his body is ridden with bullets'.

Nice guy, eh?

ABC The Drum Unleashed - A tale of two battles


  1. It's clear that Mr Ellis is no proponent of our wars in the Middle East, just as I am not. If it had been up to him, we never would have embarked upon them. He simply uses the Catholic Church's wholesale priestly sexual abuse of minors, as an example of Earthly malfeasance similar to those that may or may not have been operating within the unfortunate societies that we are now engaged in destroying and attempting, foolishly, to rebuild in our dubiously superior image.

    He is in no way suggesting that we actually attack the Vatican, track down the Pope or other churchmen and murder them in a deserted warehouse, as was done in Iraq to Saddam Husein and his henchmen.

    It is enough that they simply live out their lives alone and unacknowledged by those that they have mercilessly duped and preyed upon, these last two millenia.

    No acts of violence, vengeance or retribution against the Catholic Church are appropriate, by individuals, organizations or nation states nor can such action right whatever wrongs may have been committed by its priests.

    The Church's current troubles, brought on and now exacerbated only by itself, is causing you to lose whatever rational perspective you once possessed and you are, like a frightened child in the night, seeing bloodthirsty bogeymen under every bed and behind every darkened closet door.

    Snap out of it, Tim. A good soldier stands and meets his fate, proud to the last of the cause with which he has cast his fate.

  2. Nothing to snap out of! I am more than willing to be carried home on my shield, but I damned if I am going to keep from yelling, bitching, screaming etc. when I discover unwarranted shots.

    Fr. Tim

  3. "A good soldier stands and meets his fate, proud to the last of the cause with which he has cast his fate."

    Father Tim is no mere soldier, reddog; he's a Warrior!

    The difference? Soldiers march. Warriors dance. Both fight, but only Warriors fight with honor.

    Moyle A Buaidh!


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