18 April, 2010

Archbishop Tom Collins (Toronto) addresses the Sex Abuse Scandals in Canada. Watch the video!


  1. it is my prayer that each Bishop, Cardinal and The Holy Father himself will do as Archbishop Collins has done today...he has defined the transparancy needed and shown us how to grow from all of this and know our God better. We need to pray daily for those who were abused and for those who abused them and thank God each day for all the good and holy men who do reflect Jesus to us.

  2. B. Atkins - Toronto18 April, 2010

    Incredible isn't it. Five decades, thousands of sexual abuse cases against unwilling children who will never be the same again and a guy who is taking the fall for his boss who himself is under suspicion during his time in the Arch
    Diocese of Germany. In this ex Catholic's opinion anything less then bringing the whole bloody lot of them in a criminal court of law and grilling them on what each priest - bishop - cardinal and the Ratzinger himself knew over the past fifty years is an assault against humanity itself. THE TIME FOR TOLERANCE IS LONG GONE! NO LONGER CAN THE CATHOLIC CLERGY HIDE FROM THEIR DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS!

  3. Thanks Tim for posting that message. I copied it on my facebook wall.


  4. Apparently Mary G. listened to the tape.

    Apparently B. Atkins did not.

    Dear B., I note your great anger at the RCC. Bishop Collins was taking the fall for no one, and particularly not the Pope. I doubt that your faith was so shallow that you left the Church over this, since this has been blown totally out of proportion.

    Weak people did bad things, mostly long ago. As the good Bishop noted, the policy for dealing with things of this nature is now 21 years old in Toronto, older or newer in other dioceses. The Catholic Church is now the safest institution in the world for our youth, much safer than their own homes, where over 80% of the child sexual abuse of society occurs.

  5. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2010/04/18/the_church_i_knew/

  6. Anonymous: Interesting article. Thank you. I especially liked the fidelity of the religious Sisters who had remained true to the faith, their vows and their church. It stands in stark contrast to the witness of the author, whose opinion ceased to matter immediately after..."I left". Had she stayed; had she been creative in her fidelity so that she would have remained within the Church, then she would have a voice that is worth heeding.

    However, she chose to walk another path. So just as she would scream 'bloody murder' when the Church deigns to speak to something in the civic sphere of life, the Church has every right to politely ask Yvonne Abraham to keep her religious opinions to herself.

    She made her choice. She has set the terms of the discussion. Ms. Abraham has nothing to offer to the Catholic Church.

    Fr. Tim

    Fr. Tim

  7. I agree. But I really like the opinions of the elderly nun who stayed with her calling in the Catholic Church!

  8. "Day after day, the nuns pushed us to confront the injustices around us. Politics, poverty, world affairs, crime — they were all our business as Catholics. I don’t remember them ever talking about abortion or homosexuality."

    I love how this woman blows off abortion as if the issue were squashing ants on the sidewalk. Actually from some of the strange pagan stuff going on in retreat houses these days the ants may get more sympathy. Where's the "social justice" for over 4,000 innocent souls per day being murdered in their mother's womb in the US alone? I can't think of a greater evil or injustice in our times yet this lady is oblivious to that.
    There in lies the problem in our Church. blindness to evil, embracing evil, contempt for authority and a spirit of rebellion. I think we need that smaller church Pope Benedict spoke of since these wolves in sheeps clothing are destroying the church from the inside out.
    She also pines for the days before JP2 and his hinderance to "progress" . The very period in our churches history where sexual abuse cases skyrocketed and the bulk of the abuse occurred. Hopefully the result of this scandal will be a long overdue purification and a return to truth.


  9. "Where's the "social justice" for over 4,000 innocent souls per day being murdered in their mother's womb in the US alone?"

    Four thousand what?

    Whatever else fetuses are, they are not "innocent" any more than they are "guilty." And because they are not independent human beings, they are not "murdered," either. You and others like you are deliberately misusing the English language and adding unwarranted negative emotions to that which you do not like in a failing effort to force/coerce/cajole other people to act the way you want them to act. Not working.

    Women no longer wish to be baby machines. And they like sex. So you have a choice...you can either teach proper contraception or you can stop opposing access to safe abortions. Preferably both. But you cannot deny both.

  10. "'God is more powerful than they are,' she says. 'When God is ready, He’ll send someone to blow the top off the place.'

    "I wish I had her faith."

    LOL! And I wish more had her attitude! Go get 'em, Sister!!!

  11. Lady Janus

    There is no point arguing with you regarding the sanctity of life since you don't ascribe to God's word. However these heretical nuns claim they do. They need to come out of the closet so to speak, and embrace the pagan that they truly are and leave Christ's Church or repent and reunite with the Lord. They're destroying souls with their heresy.


  12. Paul, those nuns are not the ones destroying anything (and just what is this "soul" thing of which you speak, anyway?). It's people like you who are destroying the chances that your Church will ever recover from its own self-inflicted wounds. And "heresy" is no longer a bogeyman with which you get to scare your "inferiors" into compliance.

    Nuns are first and foremost women -- people -- who have thoughts and ideas and minds of their own. They are not little remotely-controlled robots and mouthpieces, quoting selected aphorisms on demand. They have their beliefs, and they have their own ways of interpreting and then relaying those beliefs. If what they say does not seem to agree with what you think, then don't simply examine their words...examine your own thoughts, as well. Perhaps the fault lies there, instead.

    Any time someone says, "there's no point in arguing with you," it means that they'd love to present an argument, but they can't. So let me just solidify this for you: every life has sanctity; but a fetus is not a life.

    You're not the only one with gods; and the correct term is "subscribe."

  13. Lady Janus

    If you don't know what a soul is we needn't talk much further. Its rather absurd to argue what constitutes a good Christian yet alone a Catholic one with someone outside the church that worships pagan gods and is ignorant of the faith. Kinda like debating the finer points of brain surgery with a dentist. A pointless exercise.
    I'd present an argument but its biblical. Your a pagan so I may as well quote from the back of a cereal box as present you with scripture. The heretical nuns however, they're the ones where that argument applies since they're the ones claiming to follow Christ and his Church. If someone wishes to defend your position and claims to be Catholic we can talk.

    Have a good day!

  14. Usually when a poster claims he's an ex-Catholic, he usually never was a Catholic in the first place.

    Rather he's just another Catholic Church hater who's using the occasion to pile on with some hateful diatribe.

    B. Atkins, I'm talking to you.

  15. Lady J,

    As a matter of interest, what's your opinion on the recent coverage of the indication that the Province may prevent the disclosing of the sex of the fetus to parents, particularly in some Asian communities which tend to get rid of female children ?

  16. "Its rather absurd to argue what constitutes a good Christian yet alone a Catholic one with someone outside the church that worships pagan gods and is ignorant of the faith."

    Never assume, boyo. I was not arguing what constitutes a "good" Christian...even a Catholic one. I was commenting about your dismissal of the nuns. Period.

    And I don't "worship" any gods. Nor am I quite as ignorant of the "faith" as you wish I were. You're just a lazy bit of a thing, is all.

    Sanwin, why on earth would you think I'd have an opinion about (which province is that, anyway?) telling/not telling the sex of a fetus? If a woman wants to know, tell her. If she doesn't want to know, don't tell her. What's so difficult about that? Why are you so interested? Why *should* I be?

  17. Sawin

    I say we're making progress. It seems the pro "choicers" have finally taken off the blindfold long enough to recognize a vagina and its special right to life. Can the rest of the unborn babies limbs and organs be far behind? One can only hope.



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