15 April, 2010

Fr. Raymond deSouza takes on Christopher Hitchens!

Fr. Raymond deSouza takes on Christopher Hitchens!


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  1. This has taken on a life of its own quite apart from any facts in the case. What is commonly accepted social knowledge is a world apart from any established fact.

    There is a sense of entitlement abroad in the land. When they see the picture of a bearded man in a Roman collar at the top of this blog some feel entitled to level all sorts of accusations and abuse. No proof need be offered... the image of the priest in the popular mind is enough.

    There is more than enough pain to go around here. This is Christopher Hitchens' world after all. The mob with their torches and clubs is too involved in sating its own lust for revenge to notice the small voice of the victim. They do not care whether they have gotten the right man.

    It allows a person to avoid all sorts of pain. There is the pain of the victims whose lives have been destroyed. Healing means listening to their pain, not avoiding it.

    Scapegoating, the transferring of anger from legitimate targets to more convenient ones, does not serve the victims. It contributes nothing to the healing process.

    Christopher Hitchens is yet another vulture who feasts on the pain and suffering of others.


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