20 April, 2010

Bank of Canada sets stage for rate hike

The 'Rubber' hits the 'Road' on more axises than just the level of faith and politics. Economic factors are a big part of life as well, and it's at least as important as these issues that I have habitually been blogging.

I think it's time for that to change.

Beginning today I'm going to begin using a few Financial RRS feeds so that I can post articles that reflect this reality. I claim no expertise on the questions and facts they raise beyond a rudimentary understanding of economics, but I know that some folks that cruise this corner of the internet are experts in such matters. Perhaps they could offer some relevant commentary or responses to questions? (ML... are you listening?)

Feel free to discuss to your hearts content!

Fr. Tim

Bank of Canada sets stage for rate hike

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  1. i owe 3 kind, loving and generous women a thank you that i have no words to express....they each gave me a beautiful and unique child who was not physically born to me but born in my heart...i hope i have always loved these children as the generous women who put the child's welfare first...they truly loved their child without measure and i pray a prayer of thanksgiving everyday of my life for them and their generosity.I am sure their reward will be great in Heaven.


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