25 April, 2010

Op-Ed Contributor - Promises the Pill Could Never Keep - NYTimes.com


Op-Ed Contributor - Promises the Pill Could Never Keep - NYTimes.com


  1. Thought provoking article indeed! I would only add one thing... If anything, the pill, which was meant to liberate women, has in the end enslaved them. Is there any true freedom in a pill that treats women's fertility as though it were a disease and that among a long list of effects, has the potential to cause cancer, liver disease, and stroke, plus depression and reduced libido to top it all off?
    In my opinion, if men had to take a similar pill, there would be a much louder outcry.

  2. "'Many wives feel sexually liberated by birth-control pills. But some husbands feel enslaved. It’s as if their sense of maleness and self-esteem has been threatened.' Kistner warned that 'if the wives assumed the dominant role in the sex act or became the least bit animalistic,' husbands might become impotent."

    Oh, boo bloody hoo!

    If a woman's husband feels that his "manhood" is threatened by her sexual liberty, he's not a man; he's an owner, and she his indentured servant. Those who can only win or feel good when the other one loses don't even deserve a seat at the table! Women are collectively better off without such "men."

    And Cristina? There are some women who view their own incipient pregnancy as a disease. I'm one of them. The Pill gave me immunity from that disease 99.9% of the time. That was the only promise it made to me, and it lived up to that promise.

    And there has been an ongoing discussion among so-called "experts," but never any conclusive evidence that the Pill causes all those other things to happen. Besides, even when that discussion was in full swing at the top of everyone's voice, they were a chance I was willing to take. My body, my choice, and who is allowed to take that choice away from me?

  3. True Lady Janus... your choice.


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