29 April, 2010

Church of the ‘Times’ | Commonweal magazine

Church of the ‘Times’ | Commonweal magazine


  1. As one who does not support what the NY times attempted to do, and this certainly is not good journalism, as so much of our MSM is biased. The secular media hates the Church(s) with a passion.

    But one key point that seems to re-occur in most apologetics defending the hierarchy is that everyone is attaching the Catholic Church. No, that is not the case with all of us, as we merely as Martin Luther tried to do is point out abuses in the Roman Catholic Church.

    Yes, there is abuse going on elsewhere, which should be of no concern of the Catholic Church, it should only be repentant about what has happened in their own house.

    Martin Luther did attempt to point out some Clergy abuse, which was largely unheeded. Today, it seems the RC is not heeding the rot that exists in the Church. Your concern should be in cleaning house (repentance) and not in defending the Church's actions by finger pointing and apologetics.

    Yes, I know no church is perfect including many Protestant Churches, but the question is will everyone see their sin and REFORM. A new reformation is needed!


  2. if Catholics stopped buying the NYT they would have to re-think some of what they publish as "Catholic news"...it is sad but unless u hurt people in their pocketbook they sometimes do not hear.

  3. There is nothing in the NY Times coverage of the sexual abuse scandal that is not utterly predictable. The US has always had a very strong anti-catholic nativist element. In fact Catholics were the KKK's other favorite targets. Having said that, there are some inescapable conclusions.

    Repentance is necessary both as individuals and as an institution. We have sinned.

    No matter what we do, the NY Times will not like us. We are a challenge to everything they believe in. Allowing such a group to control your actions is the worst sort of self delusion.

    This crisis is being driven by lawyers whose main tactic seems to be finding big pockets to plunder. Enter into an out of court settlement with each and every credible abuse victim and give them what they want.

    Reform? Perhaps if the bishops mansion were a three bedroom bungalow because we had to sell the other one to pay settlements... Perhaps if we had to use rented basements cause our churches had been sold... Maybe if all these things happened we might get the kind of church we should have been in the first place.


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