08 April, 2010

Roseanne Barr: Church-going Catholics 'Should Lose Custody' of Their Kids | NewsBusters.org

Why does Roseanne Barr even merit media coverage for her opinion? It's just ANOTHER illustration of using this scandal for personal gain - just as many are guilty of the same. "Justice for victims" becomes secondary to contingency fees for lawyers and publicity for washed-up former 'stars' like Barr or Sinead O'Connor.

Sad, sad, sad!

Roseanne Barr: Church-going Catholics 'Should Lose Custody' of Their Kids | NewsBusters.org


  1. Rosie Barr may have some mental health issues but at least she pipes right up with what she thinks is the truth. Most people understand this about her and I don't think the Pope has much to worry about as far as her soiling his reputation.

    One could only wish that the little Uncle Fester lookin' weasel himself would speak more of what he knows to be the truth and his little ski instructor too. I shouldn't be so harsh, maybe he has mental health issues as well. It wouldn't be surprising, the kind of life he must have led. I feel sorry for him, sometimes. He should have hopped a tramp steamer for San Francisco instead of joining that seminary.

  2. Roseanne is a stand-up comic. That is her professinal description. I don't think she's funny, but some people do. I distrust her brand of humor to the point where I'm not sure if she's trying to be funny with this diatribe -- and failing -- or if she's serious -- and failing.

    Either way, she gets media attention because she pays for it. Not necessarily in money, but in consideration of a kind. She's "in the biz." And because of that, her opinion should be worth exactly what you would willingly pay for it.

    No more. No less.


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