09 April, 2010

Reform Catholic Church policy, critics say - Holy Post

A column from Charles Lewis of the National Post. Mr. Lewis has been a fairly impartial if perhaps even supportive of the RC Church. His voice should not be ignored. He has earned the benefit of the doubt as to his intentions. I have called for very much of the same thing on this blog: I have shared it as well with virtually every friend I have within the RC Church in my attempt to sell the idea. To date, I have been seen as being an 'alarmist'; a 'chicken little' running around claiming the sky was falling. "We've dealt with the issue effectively here in Canada" I was told. "We don't need to follow the American model - it's too extreme for us" was the consensus opinion of those who reviewed my suggestion. I was even cautioned that to propose such a structure publicly would result in my possible suspension by my Bishop, should he decide to take offense at my 'overstepping' my position as priest. Well I posted it on my blog anyway... and I will post it again. My prayer is that this time, with cogent and articulate voices such as Charles Lewis (and hopefully other) adding their voices to the chorus, the Bishops will find the song for responsible change more pleasing to their ears.

Fr. Tim Moyle
Diocese of Pembroke

Reform Catholic Church policy, critics say - Holy Post

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