13 April, 2010

The most disgusting editorial cartoon yet!

Is this not the most blasphemous cartoon yet?
Nothing is sacred anymore!!


  1. Hi Tim,

    Editorial cartoons are intended to provoke thought and discussion. In this case, it is a critique of the media, rather than a critique of christianity.

    I may be the wrong person to ask, but I do not see any blasphemy here.

    In the context of christianity, is it blasphemous to show cartoon images representative of Christ?


  2. "Blasphemy" no longer exists in the western world.

    Some people may be offended by this cartoon, but that is the very nature of political cartooning -- to offend some and entertain others. And while I'm not offended by this cartoon, I'm not entertained by it, either.

    As for what is and is not "sacred" -- it's up to every individual to decide for himself, I'm afraid. Apparently, the cartoonist has different standards for "sacred" than those who are offended.

  3. I think Martin may be right. This may be intended more as a critique of the media. Still, there is nothing to laugh at here at all. It is a rather sad situation.

  4. I did not find it particularly humourous, (ok I did not find it humourous at all), but I did find it thought provoking.

    I actually used a similar concept in my own posting today, for a possibly similar purpose.

    Certainly if the cartoon was one of the Mohamed cartoons, there would have been a great hue and cry, and as those of us who tread the free speech blogs know, there have been a few human rights cases about them in the past few years. Though the particular cases were not successful, the thinness of the skin of our Muslim brethren was shown.

    I am afraid that I agree with our friend Lady Janus (because I think she is right, not that I am actually afraid to agree with her), that blasphemy has disappeared from the lexicon of western society, (or lack thereof).

    I agree that it is a commentary on the sad state of the media.

  5. I think I need to correct an impression I gave, Michael.

    It's not the word itself that has disappeared, but its ability to send chills down the spine of the so-called "blasphemers."

    It used to be a serious offense, even in civil law. It is no longer anything of the kind. If anything, most people regard it as a joke, if they pay any attention to it to begin with.

    That was a good article you wrote.

  6. Blasphemy was perhaps not the correct word for me to use to describe the cartoon. When I read it, I interpreted it as an insult against Christ. Now that my blood pressure is lower, I can see that it was intended as a slight against the media.

    Still don't like it. Still think it is inappropriate. But as we say in Quebec, 'chacun a son gout'.

    Fr. Tim

  7. .. Jesus did have something to say about child abuse though ... and those who facilitate the abuse ... Jesus talks of millstones and oceans ! Perhaps the media should consult the Good Book ... pity is the Church seemed to have ignored what Jesus said on the issue themselves.


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