09 April, 2010

Judges grapple with Canada's legal test for hatred

Judges grapple with Canada's legal test for hatred

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  1. One of the most amazing features of the Catholic Church is what big haters they are but as soon as anybody vents a little spleen their way they they go all whiny about anti Catholic prejudice.

    A couple of things to consider about this. World War II started over seventy years ago. At that time, the Catholic Church was rabidly antisemitic, along with almost everyone else in the Christian World. Antisemitism was deeply rooted in Catholic theology. For the last 50 years or so, since Vatican II, the Church has tried to rewrite history to make themselves not only friends of the Jews but their saviors during the Nazi Holocaust as well. This is a particularly hollow lie in view of their treatment of Judaism for the last two millienia. Does the Church really think they can get away with this? Just one example among hundreds to consider.

    Concerning any hate that may be directed to the Church in these troubled times, has it ever occurred to you that a lot of people may have good reasons to regard Catholicism with hatred, fear and loathing and that nothing the Church has ever done has been cause to reconsider the very sound basis for those hatreds? They continue even in decline, to advocate the spread of Catholic dominion over every man, woman and child on the planet, the destruction of the separation of Church and State and implementation of dictatorial totalitarian rule by an aristocracy of sexually deviant old men and no matter what other varied perversions priests are prone to, the pseudo celibate hypocrisy they all subscribe to is no less a perversion practiced against those they claim to minister to than any of the others.

    Now you Tim, may be a very good person and may be trying to be the best Catholic priest that you can be. I accept that this is probably true. The fact remains though, that you are a Catholic priest and all that embodies. It is a heritage that stretches back two thousand years, an evil heritage, one of autocratic oppression, intrigue and mass murder.

    Why would I hate you any less than any other Catholic priest? I hate all priests and the Church you serve is not worth saving. At the end of the day, you stand with the Church and its cowardly minions against all good men and woman, on the side of the timeless villainy of the forces of evil. You lie when you can and attempt to shift the blame to whatever hapless scapegoats are available when you can't and always with the hand out, expecting to be subsidized in your vile machinations.

    I'm no theologian and no prophet either. There may very well be a God and Jesus may be his son but Catholicism does not represent anything to do with God. Given the consistent evil nature of the Catholic Church, throughout the ages, the opposite is more likely true. The fact that so many have been convinced of the validity of the Church is greater evidence that you serve the Prince of Lies rather than the Prince of Peace. What peace have you ever brought anyone, anywhere?


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