06 April, 2010

The fruits of this virtual form of evangelization: Participation in a comment thread engendered this comment in response to traditional 'litany' of Church sins

"Congratulations on a well thought out critique of the evils of the Church, circa middle-age to present. It certainly highlights a lot of the misgivings and tragedies that secularists, such as you, have branded into your psyche. You identify "Thousands and thousands of innocent children...attacked and abused by hundreds of (clergy) world-wide." It's undeniable that sexual abuse has been what many Catholics believe to be the greatest stain yet to blot the image of the Church. No doubt, secularists would argue more. You do, however, avoid acknowledging the fact that this same Church has also sheltered, fed, medically treated, taught and shepherded millions of indigent children and adults All Over The World for hundreds of years. Just recently, this same Church- composed of religious and laity- raised millions for Haitian relief. Did I say millions? Ah, such humanism. Of course, as a historian, you're aware that Humanism arose in the Church. Unfortunately, it was hijacked and converted into a much different package by men who professed greater knowledge and greater humanity, although, the jury's still out on both counts. Actually, their perceived brilliance makes it hard to discern all the different concepts and arcane versions that arose. Catholicism, however, a living, breathing organism of men and women, religious and laity, that will continue to keep you in the depths of vituperativeness and vitriol because it will right itself and play further havoc with the minds of secularists like you. We'll continue to sin, as one of Jesus's hand-picked apostles did, but maybe to a different degree. Crusades? For the Church, they're history, especially since secularists, led by Obama, have taken over the reins of the "infidel." I know that's secretly eating away at your loins."

Click here to read the original article and comments on the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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