12 April, 2010

Coverage of Pembroke Diocese reaction

If ever there was a time for the laity to come to the spiritual aid of their clergy, it's now! It's time for all Catholics to bend their knees in supplication for their priests who have faithfully offered their lives to the Church and to her 'Eternal Spouse', Jesus Christ.

Sincerely folks, I ask you to pray for all victims of predator priests. I ask you as well to pray also for the clergy of our diocese. The very fact that the Charles Gibson, Diocesan lawyer was interviewed in preparation of this CTV media report, should have been clue enough of the need of the Diocesan spokesperson to deal with the media at weekend masses at the Cathedral. TV cameras also greeted those entering and leaving the other Pembroke parishes as well. At the very least, local clergy should have been alerted of the likelihood of the media's presence and instructed in how they should be dealt with.  Alas, no one thought of these details. The priests of the Cathedral were left on their own in addressing parishioners regarding the media's presence, even if not to the the '800 lbs gorilla' that brought them to the church's front steps in the first place.

We priests are most certainly suffering for inactions for which our religious Superiors (past and present) in their failing to understand the deleterious effects this time of trial has had upon the faithful; lay and clergy. We do not ask for a opportunity to express ourselves in a 'care & share' encounter with our spiritual fathers - but we need them to act swiftly and efficiency in responding to these sad affairs. I point out that it took the Globe & Mail (and the New York Times) less than 30 minutes to refute the Diocesan press release in providing additional quotes from the complainant in this legal battle stating that at no time did the Diocese ever suggest or offer to assist in bringing this matter to the Police. Evidently his law firm is extremely efficient in their media strategy. The Church most certainly cannot claim to be anywhere near as efficient.

To chose the decent path need not stand in opposition to legal counsel, so long as it is efficiently and effectively presented. The Church need not abandon the latter to achieve that former. Hopefully we will as a Diocesan family find that way... eventually.

Watch for yourself and come to your own conclusions... Then 'pray, pray, pray' for all clergy, from the lowest to the most exalted that we be guided by Gods' Spirit and our religious Superiors.

Fr. Tim



  1. caitrin malone12 April, 2010

    Fr. Moyle please know that I have been praying for the pope and the church. I am shocked by this recent revelation that apparently our Bishops did not do more at the time that these accusations were first revealed, however, once the initial shock and despair has past, I am willing to wait in hope that further revelations will explain what occurred. I find comfort in Pope John XXIII who prayed in a time of crisis, "This is your church, I am going to bed."

    Caitrin Malone

  2. Why in the world are you Fr. Tim and others here should be so surprise what is happening in the Pembroke Diocese. This little corner of the world is no different. Just wait what will happened when Monsignor Robert Borne case comes up. That is one priest I like to see take a lie detector test or a special drug to make him tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...etc...! This priest has a lot information the Pembroke Diocese(Bishop) will not like to see printed let alone known to their parishioners.

    As my parish priest said more than once: " The Catholic Church is going through a purification...we may have a smaller, better, purer church".

    It sounded like a speech from a leader of a white supremacy group. All he was missing was the pointed hood with the holes cut out for the eyes.

    More and more every day I feel that I am on the edge of saying good-bye to the Catholic Church.

    I will pray for God's will to be done. That is all I can manage for now.

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  4. Lina: We are certainly going through a necessary 'purification', but I fear for the souls lost to the Church in the process.

    I accept what is happening as needed, but I pray to God that your fears are not realized. The consequences of such evil being found in the heart of our Diocese strikes dread and terror into the core of my soul. I literally quake in fear contemplating the reckoning that such a future would bring to so many souls - each measured against the church and her priests.

    I know that we who have served faithfully have the right to hold our heads unbowed in these scandals, but to see years of pastoral ministry threatened by the malfeasance and pusillanimous acts of a few is a terrible phenomenon to behold.

    So, YES I believe that the Church will continue, smaller and hopefully holier, but this is not a healthy thing for many with whom I live, love and minister.

    Fr. Tim

  5. Catholics would be better off just meeting among themselves. Why expose themselves to pseudo celibate priests who have already proven to be perpetrators of atrocity or willing to cover up and remain quiet about their brothers that are. There is no place for them here. Be gone from us.

  6. It's time for Catholic laymen and priests to stand up tall for all the millions of priests and Sisters who have served the Lord faithfully over the centuries. For those who have put their fellow man above themselves and loved us until death.
    Let's not wallow in emotional self-pity and defeat while our enemy dances on our grave.
    We're not beat by a long shot and the sooner we let the enemy know, the better.
    Are we going to be men or mice?

  7. RuralRite: Men... but men wise enough to ask for help in difficult times.

    Fr. Tim

  8. I really don't know what to say except that the leadership of our diocese is questionable... Why did this bishop go along with the past bishops and cover the disgraceful acts of Prince and now Borne (who knew more than anyone)... I will pray for justice and peace and hopefully a more faithful church...

  9. If you are sincere here why you been making excuses for bishop Lahey fought with child porn as well for Bishops facilitating sexual abuse of children by priests and popes looking the other way

    1. Anonymous: Please point out even one example where I have defended Lahey or bishops for enabling the sexual abuse of children. Good luck finding it because it's never happened!

      Fr. Tim


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