11 April, 2010

“Associated Press” Disgraces Itself With Attack on Pope « SoCon Or Bust

“Associated Press” Disgraces Itself With Attack on Pope « SoCon Or Bust


  1. Priests within academia who seek to broaden the spectrum of how scholars think about God. Those in journalism who want to write about how different people celebrate God. Those in the social justice community who seek to broaden the scope of who participates and how in the Church. Those in nontraditional parishes who seek to bring those people into the Church who are usually ignored and to address their unique spiritual needs. Do I have to name these guys or can you figure out who they are for yourself. They are all honest, open men, committed to the search for spiritual truth, wherever and within whoever it resides.

    These people, the cringing, closeted, Ratboy has no problem removing from contact with the world, marginalizing, laicizing and excommunicating.

    He gets all anxious about removing child sodomites though. Maybe just a little therapy and a transfer. Why did it take seventy years for the church to decide to take action on this and still they do not move aggressively?

    Pope Benedict is not a fit Pope.

  2. reddog: We may not agree on the Pope, but we are definitely on the same page when it comes to any seeker of God.

    This is a good thing.

    Fr. Tim


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