29 October, 2010

Would you take a 'one way' trip to Mars?

Kind of looks like Sudbury in the 1960's!
Here's an interesting piece about the feasibility of a 'one way' trip to Mars as the vanguard of a colonization effort. Among the comments that accompany the article was the following:

"Home Sweet Home?"
"I think my ex-wife would be a great candidate for this venture. She's already in the telecommunications industry, and despite the great view likes to sleep on long trips, doesn't eat much, has a take charge attitude, and since only the good die young, even in the harsh martian lanscape. SHE'D BE GREAT!!!"

It put a smile on my face! Hope it does the same for you!


  1. i would not care to go myself, however, should i win the lottery, there are several for whom i would gladly pay their way:))

  2. Whether they want to go or not, eh, Mary? LOL! I, too, have a little list... ;D

  3. Hey Father, I grew up in Sudbury in the 60's and it was never as bad as that!

  4. Julie: I grew up in Lively during the 60's too! The Mars picture was pretty much how I remembered Coniston (before the reforestation project).

    Fr. Tim

  5. ah well Lively, that's a different story, LOL


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