10 October, 2010

"Life is a 'privilege', not a right". YIKES!!!

 I recently posted a response to someone who goes by the handle 'Madic' on the Holy Post Blog of the National Post. He/She stated in his/her defense of the right to abortion that life was not a right by a 'privilege'. This is the attitude held by MANY (but not all) 'pro-choice' individuals (not you Lady Janus!) and it explains why it is that folks like me work so hard to oppose the Culture of Death crowd.

I'd be interested in your remarks. You can click on the link on the bottom of this post to read the entire debate.

Fr. Tim
Hey folks: Madic posts earlier in this thread:

"Life is a privilege not a right."

How inane an argument is that! Yet it is the most fundamental tenet of the those who promotes abortion, infanticide for 'defective' children and euthanasia a.k.a the 'pro-choice' crowd.

I thank him/her for making clear this essential point. It's not often that these purveyors of death reveal the truly dark side.

How does it make you feel this Thanksgiving Sunday that the people who are promoting this 'culture of death' that they believe that life is a privilege that can be revoked? It chills me to the bone! Do we want people like this making the rules for our society? What's to stop them from saying that any of us must be killed because they do not like what we say or do?

This has happened before. It happened MANY TIMES behind the Iron Curtain. We MUST NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow such an evil to propagate within our Canadian society.

Life is a RIGHT for the unborn, the aged and the well. Don't let these evil people (yes, EVIL) continue with their agenda lest this right be stripped from us.

Fr. Tim Moyle
St. Anne's Parish
Mattawa, Ontario Canada


Read more: http://life.nationalpost.com/2010/10/08/do-graphic-anti-abortion-posters-cross-a-moral-line/#comments#ixzz11yWtQa27

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  1. Life is being alive, and all things that are created by life, should be for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. But their are life forms that say having a driver license to drive their car that they paid for is not their right but is a privilege.


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