04 October, 2010

Secular worship

What a remarkable coincidence! The day after I post a story setting out the argument that atheism could be considered a religion, here's a another post from the Ottawa Citizen stating that 'consumerism' has obtained the status of a 'religion' among today's citizens.

I am sincerely trying to understand the arguments made here by Lady Janus and on the Holy Post by 'Rationalist1'. Their point is nuanced and I am having trouble accepting it, but I keep on reading and searching for material such as the Citizen story to help me clarify and refine my logic so that I can decide for myself whether my initial assertion about 'atheism' as a community of belief - for believing that something exists or does not exist seems essentially to me to be the same act. 

It is a statement of belief. It is a statement about the essential nature of creation. It is a statement about all that is important regarding the human condition. It bears even to the issue of what is life itself. All of these things are constitutive elements of all world religions. 

Anyone who can help me see this from another perspective so that I can measure justly, correctly and properly this proposition of mine would be very much welcomed here. Feel free either to comment below this post or to email me directly at tim.moyle@stannesparish.ca


Fr. Tim 

Secular worship

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  1. Separate from the question of is atheism a religion, the article on consumerism in modern society leaves me wondering why this is classified as religion.

    First only if the word religion is degraded so much that it ceases to have any meaning (i.e. baseball is my religion, shopping is my religion, etc.) If the word science were subject to such abuse, I would be complaining.

    Secondly, and this perhaps needs no comment, consumerism is not limited to those without beliefs, it is rampant in all of society.


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