24 October, 2010

'Imagination in straitjacket'

Maybe I'm not nuts after all!

'Imagination in straitjacket'

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  1. He can think what he likes; the future will tell who's right and who's not sharing his drugs with the rest of the class. Most of the world's population at one time thought Copernicus and Galileo were crazy, too.

    The thing is, quantum physics (and now quantum gravity) is such a highly specialized field of theory, that very few people understand it thoroughly. And even fewer have the capability of explaining it to us laymen. But there is one guy I know of who can break it down and explain it to you so you can understand the basics, at least, and then he can fill you in on some details. His name is Michio Kaku, and he's absolutely brilliant! He's also extremely entertaining...



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