03 October, 2010

Believe it or not... this is actually a government PSA in Britain (warning it is gross and disturbing!)


  1. It's no more disturbing than anti-choice posters that purport to show dismembered fetus corpses. And just about as believeable.

  2. Bizzare!!

  3. Actually, now that you mention it Lady J... it does remind me of that. Only the posters of dimembered fetuses are real, and this propaganda is done with special effects (gross nontheless).
    While I find it distasteful to show graphic posters of dismembered babes and is not something I personally advocate, again, those depictions are real. ie. snapshots. And the intent of those who parade them is not to entice women to have abortions, quite the opposite.
    (Again, I repeat.. it is not the way I would do things)

    On the other hand, this environmentalist propaganda video's intent is to devalue human life. It gives the distorted message that the environment is somehow superior to humanitiy and should be held in higher esteem. Weird! Weird! Wacko!

  4. Lady Janus: I concur. I am not in favor of the shock approach to the life/choice debate. It is intended to brutalize, not to educate or inform and as such has no place in a civilized debate.

    How does that old line go? "It's OK to disagree so long as you're not disagreeable." It's been a lot of years since I learned that tidbit from my grandfather, but I strive (not always successfully) to live up to the standard he called me to.

    Fr. Tim

  5. Difficult to understand what the people are saying. Stupid commercial.

  6. The video is disgusting but after reading many rants of the eco nut variety online, the execution of the non believers could be justifiable in their twisted world view. I view environmental extremists as scary and irrational as any cult.
    Regarding displaying aborted babies to protest our secret genocide, I'm all for it. In fact I think if Catholic schools did their job, our children would spend less time making pretty collages and become educated about the evils that they will face in this world. Abortion being one of them. Its a topic few shepherds have the gumption to tackle but I can't help but wonder if Jesus would be so silent.

    Take the Holocaust as an example. Do you think people would have ever come to the realization of the atrocities that occurred at Auschwitz had they never been subjected to video footage of emaciated naked bodies piled like cordwood or being tossed into mass graves? Sometimes people need a slap upside the head to shake the scales from their eyes to see the evil they support or are indifferent to.


  7. I think Father Tim skipped a class in theology, or fell asleep that class, when they discussed the variety of gifts of the body. I Cor 12. We are all unique and have special and different callings to complete the body of Christ. Shock is a part of everyday culture, it has its place.



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