04 October, 2010

Freedom Through Truth: Father Mark Gruber - The Plot Thickens (or sickens)

Freedom Through Truth: Father Mark Gruber - The Plot Thickens (or sickens)


  1. i suspect that is is only 1 of many men who have been accused and in fact have done nothing wrong. Some of those making the accusations have other motives , not the least of which is money...i know the victims need to be compensated but the publication of the compensations have increased the number of false accusations. Will the men who are proven innocent get compensated and will those compensations PLUS the name of the false accusers get as much publicity? i suspect not...wrongdoing sells more newspapers than justice.

  2. Mary G, you made valid points.

    Many a clergy got away with their crimes more than we ever know.

    Look at the case of Monsignor Robert Borne from the Pembroke Diocese he already got away with some of his crimes.

    Just because many charges are dropped against a priest doesn't mean he didn't do the crime. You need to be a victim or know a victim to realize and know this!

    Do you think somebody download porn on Bishop Raymond Lahey's laptop? I wonder if his lawyers are going use that excuse?

    As for the Confessional.

    Many priests do respect people's confessions but many others wouldn't hesitate one bit to break their vows for the good, the progression and advancement of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Why? When you have priests who can VIOLATE children and vulnerable people...well, breaking the seal of confession would be somewhat easy for them when they believe it is all for the good. Remember, they are also sinners like us, human and not perfect.

    When was the last time you heard a priest (priests) say he did do the crimes and wants to live with the consequences of his actions and sins? I mean right from the start, when he was first arrested or even when a complaint is brought against him (priests).

    It is sort of hard to remember when?

    These priests let things drag, year after year keeping the faith that they will get away with their crimes against their victims. Their motto must be:

    "To delay, delay is to wear the victims down."

    After all, these so call priests believe God is on their side and their pesky victims will eventually go away, like their victims will give up their imaginary accusations or better yet, DIE, many did by suicide. That would solve these priests problems on earth anyway.

    Do you think God listens to pedophiles and molester's prayers to help them get out of their situations even when they do not tell the WHOLE truth?

    I believe there are more clergy victims that are denied justice than clergy that are faulty accused.

    The faulty accused priests, sadly, it goes with the territory. These faulty accused priests should ask themselves...is this how a victim of clergy abuse feels when they are NOT believed, when people say, no priest would do such a thing that these accusers are saying. They are all out for easy money?
    Do you think these faulty accused priest's superiors, like Monsignors, Bishops, etc..know more stuff and have proof but still will not help the innocent victims of these pedophile and molesters priests? Why should a Bishop, priests, etc...get themselves involve? They need to protect the image of the Roman Catholic Church and all that money, after all, somebody must keep all that money safe!

    I want to respect and believe the priests in the Roman Catholic Church especially in the Pembroke Diocese.

    As of now, I do not trust the priests in the Pembroke Diocese and what is sad I am beginning to feel all priests in this area deserve what is happening to them. You are a brotherhood, guilty by association with these wolves in sheep clothing.

    Too many secrets and too many covering one's butts and not enough concern for the victims of clergy abuse.

    There is justice..there is hope...to believe God is in controlled.

  3. The catholic church, it's priests and it's people who go to church are not bothered by the above said "Anonimous's Person's comments. People like that person is wasisting his/her time. Who cares this person trusts or not trusts the priests of Pembroke Diocese????.There are many who trusts the priests and their works.


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