28 October, 2010

Let Family Members of Suicides Kill Themselves Too Says Euthanasia Org Prez

Folks... We're getting closer to a dangerous place. I know that Halloween is just around the corner but this scares me more than any ghost or goblin. Anyone who believes that coercion cannot force a family members compliance must also believe that 'Shot-Gun Marriages' don't take place either. It is precious few steps past this to a point where euthanasia won't be an option, it will be an obligation.

There are some streets it's just not safe to 'trick or treat' on. There's a terrible fate that awaits those who wander down to the end of 'Euthanasia Lane'.

Let Family Members of Suicides Kill Themselves Too Says Euthanasia Org Prez


  1. Where will the killing end? this strikes me as a type of cleansing...not unlike that which caused a world wide outcry when Hitler did it. Are handicapped children next or infants that someone determines may have struggles in life...what about those seen as not paying their way and are a "burden on society"? We need always to remember that God gave us the gift of life and it is sacred from the moment of conception to natural death...that is my faith and i know that faith seeks understanding but does not require it.

  2. When are you all going to learn the difference between free choice and coercion?

    Minelli said: "... he wants family members of patients who commit suicide to have the right to kill themselves also." He said absolutely nothing about having them do it against their own wishes! "'In [some] such cases the partners are often a similar age and one does not want to remain without the other,' he added."

    For a change, even LifeSite got it right. I guess they were counting on their readers to get it wrong, though.

    And Mary, you need to remember that not everyone shares your God-given view of life as they know and experience it. Are you at all familiar with the term, "white elephant?" That, too, is a "sacred gift." Its purpose is to enslave the receiver.

  3. Lady Janus
    i suspect u and i may not always agree but u will always have my respect.
    My living is dictated in my belief in God so , i hope that it will always be reflected in my thinking and my speech. It is my firm conviction that God does not allow any "bad" thing to happen to us unless He will draw a greater good from it and we will, by His grace , come to know Him better. I firmly believe we are here to see others through and not to see through others so i think we need an EXCELLENT care system to make the dying comfortable and know they are valued till their last breath.

  4. In the current death culture, this article doesn't surprise me. Our modern solution to adversity is death.
    The thing is, many are the voices of those that at one point in life would have or attempted to take their lives only to look back minutes, hours, days or years later glad they didn't.
    Had they been in the same mental state in a society that thinks you have a right to kill yourself for whatever reason and will even help you successfully carry it out, they would likely be dead and missed out on a potentially happy life.
    Maybe instead of handing someone a revolver when they're troubled, we should offer a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on instead.


  5. Paul, it may surprise you to know that not everyone is going to want to commit suicide. In fact, most won't. And that no one is trying to force them into it.

    But for those to whom a clean and quick and painless death is preferable to the misery in which they are currently being forced to remain alive while they die anyway, by painful micromillimeters, the option of hassle-free assisted suicide would be a serious blessing!

    You fear death. That much is apparent. But not everyone does. And for those who do not have such deep fear, why on earth would you want to refuse them the right to control the how and when of what is already inevitable?

  6. First off I didn't say anything about forcing someone to kill themselves or that everyone would want to kill themselves. Its quite obvious not everyone wants to kill themselves. Its a lovely straw man you've made.

    Since you bring it up, many could opt for suicide not by force but as a result of the encouragement of their care givers. "Mom you don't have to suffer like this, Dr. Joe could make all the pain go away". This could be code for "lets just end this so I can get on with MY life, I've missed half of season 21 of Survivor already". Nobody would be forcing this person to kill themselves but could be coercing them to. Parents, feeling bad for burdening their children could hesitantly request Euthanasia out of guilt and nothing more.
    You've then skated around the issue giving us the worst case scenario of inevitable death by a million paper cuts, but thats not what the article speaks of nor is that necessary with modern palliative care and pain management. The author proposes depressed people should be able to take their lives with death nowhere on the radar. Thats quite a different story than the one you're telling.

    As for my fear of death, you lefties need to make up your mind. One will claim I'm dangerous because I'd not hesitate to take the lives of others and myself for the cause, looking forward to being with my imaginary "sky daddy". Now you claim I'm against people killing themselves simply because I'm personally terrified of death. You guys need to get together and sort the matter out and let me know what conclusions you come to. I can't decide if I should be strapping on the dynamite or booking a space next to Walt Disney at the cryogenics immorality lab.


  7. Paul, it's not my straw man, whatever that is. You indicated your fear by your use of the term, "death culture."

    "Nobody would be forcing...but could be coercing..."

    Coercion is force. And you use the term, "many could opt" as if it means, "everyone will choose." But so what? As long as you don't have to do what you don't want to do, what's it to you? You're afraid of being pressured? Coerced? Forced?

    "You've then skated around the issue..."

    I don't skate. And I have no idea what you mean by a million paper cuts. You are apparently not following my train of thought, having glommed onto a key word or two, translated them into a completely different context, and gone off on your own little siding in a different direction, entirely.

    "...you lefties need to make up your mind."

    Freudian slip? LOL! That's very telling, you know. But before you clear up the problem of your thinking that everyone but you has a hive mentality, who and what do you mean by "lefties?" I'm going to ask you to be very specific in that, because I have no idea what constitutes a "lefty." Is there a corresponding "righty?" Is there also a "middley?" And what are their attributes, as well? Do you supply score cards? Or do I have to design my own?

    And I have no idea who "you guys" might be. I'm the only one who speaks for me, and unless I'm in my official capacity as Inspector General for my order (which I currently am not), I speak only for myself and no one else. Do try to pay attention, okay? But I'll tell you this much: if you can't decide for yourself what you're going to do, then you're in worse trouble than you know, and you really need to sit down and think about your own situation rather than trying to tell everyone else what they need to be doing and thinking, okay?

    And, as an end note: Your fear of death is fear of your own death, not someone else's.


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