08 October, 2010

Sharing the space

Street Poster in Ottawa - appropriate for public square?
An editorial from the Ottawa Citizen on the use of graphic images to promote an agenda. Just another sign of the coarsening of our society.

Sharing the space


  1. "We don't tell women who fear being attacked that they shouldn't walk their neighbourhood streets."

    Oh, yes we do!!!

    "Passersby such as mothers with strollers have a right to enjoy public streets without confronting, to their sudden surprise, sexually explicit promotional posters."

    A "right?" Sexually "explicit?" And what makes mothers with strollers more important than everyone else? What about the rights of the rest of the community to enjoy the poster without having some crazed lunatic ripping down their choice of art/advertising? She was the only one who objected to it -- what gives her the right to impose her standards over theirs?

    And what was sexually "explicit" about it, anyway? The poster, as described, might have been suggestive -- although one would obviously have to be aware that the practise of discipline can be sexually stimulating to some people -- but hardly "explicit." If genitalia are not prominently on display and being employed in a sexual manner, it is not explicit. Otherwise, we will have to continually monitor advertising for socks and shoes, underwear of all kinds, and earlobes, necks, backs, and countless other body parts and clothing. Because I guarantee you, if it exists in our world, someone has a sexual fetish for it!

  2. I find this picture offensive and particularly so if it can be viewed by children. Disgusting.

  3. What's "disgusting" and "offensive" about it? I assure you, children are not so offended. They, like you, have to be taught how to be offended.


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