20 October, 2010

Papal humor: JPII had a funny side too!

GEORGE WEIGEL: Papal humor

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  1. He had an acute sense of mischief, as well.

    When he came visiting Vancouver, one of my relatives was the choirmaster/director for the children's choir chosen to sing for him in a HUGE ceremony. Every child was repeatedly told by parents, teachers, and everyone else, the ususal stuff: don't squirm, stand tall, don't fidget, no horseplay...all the usual don'ts that apparently have to be repeated endlessly where children are involved.

    So, there they all are, on stage, standing tall and utterly, rigidly, at attention, singing with youthful clarity, my relative necessarily with his back to the audience, when he hears a stirring and a rustling and he senses that all is not quite as "under control" as he thought it to be. A quick peek over his shoulder tells him that all those parental admonitions were about to fly out the window, for there was yon pontiff, grinning and waving at the children on the stage!

    What could he do but shrug and grin, and nod to the kids, who waved excitedly back, and then continued singing with renewed vigor!


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