07 October, 2010

Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

A new Pro-Life website in Canada. BE WARNED... the site contains graphic and disturbing pictures of aborted fetuses. I do not like this approach as I don't believe shock is a useful approach in the life/choice debate, but there is other material that can be helpful in supporting the efforts of those who fight for the right to life for all people from the pre-born to the aged.

Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform


  1. All the pro-life groups and people can speak all they want against abortions, they can show all the pictures they want to the public, go ahead & show all the graphic videos, even stand on all the streets and street corners all over with their variety anti abortion signs.

    The bottom line is: it will always be up to the female to decide to terminate their pregnancy or continue their pregnancy.

    It is sad but that's the reality.

    But go ahead & knock yourselves out with your position against abortion because it is your right. Good luck!

  2. i always find it very interesting that those who choose abortion are denying their children the same right to life that their parents gave them...if u were allowed to be born who gave u the right to take that away from your own flesh and blood?...perhaps people forget a child is a gift from God

  3. Canada is a country without laws prohibiting abortion on demand. There is a vacuum. It is perfectly within a government's right to legislate on this subject. Presently there are about 100,000 abortions a year. Hopefully in the not too distant future, a government will pass some laws putting an end to this tragedy.

  4. This group does indeed do good work and uses another approach, and that is visualization and reality, which is meant to bring home the cruelty of abortion. Canadians sometimes have a difficult time dealing with truth, and shock is one way of bringing them out of their haze.

    One of the reasons they use this approach is the effect of the open coffin of Emmet Till, brutally murdered in 1955 in Mississippi. His grotesque body sparked the civil-rights movement, so should CCBR use this tactic to inform and educate Canadians on the evil of abortion.


  5. Cliff..about those graphic pics & videos many people just tune it out. They just don't care.

    The choice will still be up to the female who is pregnant. Not you, not myself or others.

    Those who wear a collar. When people see a priest holding a sign against abortion they crack jokes like they want future boys to molest or flip him the bird (give him the middle finger).

    It's sad & bad.

    The only real weapon you have here is prayer!

  6. "i always find it very interesting that those who choose abortion are denying their children the same right to life that their parents gave them"

    Bad "arguemnt," Mary. If a woman has an abortion, there is no child to deny.

    "perhaps people forget a child is a gift from God"

    Perhaps you're not aware that not everyone believes in your god, and that there are people for whom a child would decidedly NOT be a gift.

    "Canada is a country without laws prohibiting abortion on demand. There is a vacuum. It is perfectly within a government's right to legislate on this subject."

    There is no vacuum, Wayne. There are no laws prohibiting the wearing of your underwear on your head, either. Just how Napoleonic do you want to get? And the Canadian government will NOT legslate the prohibition of abortion as a viable option for women who need it (and if you want to see this as being, "on demand," then that's your particular problem).

  7. Lady Janus
    it is a very VALID argument for the millions who believe life begins at the moment of conception and i know that is not an opinion held by everyone.

  8. Mary, as an argument, it is ONLY valid for those who believe it, and therefore not universally useful, which is why I called it a bad argument. You're not going to get anywhere by insisting on something that your opponenet does not believe exists. You're basically shadow-boxing, just getting winded and hitting nothing.

  9. Anonymous, you are correct that many people just do turn it off, but there is a few who do indeed see and notice. Believe me, as one who has stood on picket lines I have seen the tearful reaction of some. A placard or a graphic picture still is mighty effective when the Holy Spirit is working on that person.

    We will win this war one person at a time.


  10. Lady Janus
    perhaps u are correct..i am only shadow-boxing etc but i pray always for the grace to stand up for what i believe and while there is still breath in me i want to shout it from the rooftops...we are made to the image and likeness of a loving God who died on a cross for us...I believe He is the author of life from conception to natural death and i recognize that not everyone shares my conviction.

  11. Lady Janus, if you don't believe that the unborn exist as humans, please prove that what is concieved from the fertilisation of the reproductive cells of two humans is not another member of their own species and their child. (who as a mammal, currently gestates in the womb of his/her biological mother)

    The unborn in question has biological human parentage from the time of their being concieved. The only thing possible that could have this would be a human child.

  12. "...if you don't believe...please prove..."

    Wrong format, very bad form, and completely irrelevant. Belief has nothing to do with "proof."

    And general biological attributes have nothing to do with being a being, either, otherwise your foot would be a human being.

    Mary actually has a far better understanding of the matter than you do, anon. She believes what she believes, and she is okay with that. And so she should be, and good for her.

    Belief in individual. You get no points for trying to change the beliefs of another when they differ from yours. You get negative points for scorn.


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