11 November, 2009

Why did Bishops cover up the sex abuse scandals

In the threads of a National Post column, the following question was posted:

by Stan2
Nov 08 2009
7:36 PM

Fr. Tim: I agree with you that debate should be conducted in a civilized manner. Calling someone an idiot or a pedophile does not elucidate.

My question to you is can you explain why the hierarchy of the church protected priests who were accused of sexual abuse?

Here was my answer. I would be very interested to hear whether or not you agree with my assessment. Stan2's response follows after my answer.

by Fr. Tim
Nov 08 2009
7:59 PM

Stan2: The answer to your question is because:

1. they were stupid

2. they were sinful

3. they believed the professionals who told the church that these predators could be treated

4. they wanted to avoid scandal (see#1)

5. they gave the benefit of the doubt to their employee rather than to the legitimate allegations of the victims (see again #1)

6. they were trying to protect their own butts

I could probably come up with more reasons, but in all truthfulness, I think these six cover most of the ground.

Thanks for the question.

Fr. Tim Moyle

by Stan2
Nov 09 2009
1:09 AM

Fr. Tim: Thank you for your answer. I think many agree with you but it is the first time I have heard a member of your calling put it so plainly.


  1. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

    How freeing it is to tell the truth, to seek the truth, and to walk hand in hand with the Truth each day, while walking hand in hand with the Way and the Life.

    The Catholic Church is not in need of change. It is the hearts and minds of all of us who are within her walls.

    It is encouraging to us in the pews when our priests stand up against lies and deceptions wherever they might be, but particularly when they happen within our own walls.

    God Bless You Fr. Tim

    Michael Brandon

  2. Thank you Michael,

    I just hope that my remarks are not interpreted as being insulting to Bishops. My answer was aimed at answering the question that was posed to me - why did the hierarchy act as they initially did in the face of the abuse scandal. I simply offered my opinion in the most straightforward and honest way that I saw things unfold to counter the lie that the Bishops acted as they did to facilitate further abuse.

    Fr. Tim

  3. Did the culture of homosexuality in the Church have something to do with it? I wonder...

  4. One might add the "freemasonry" that inspires the clerico-episcopal culture of Canada, whereby priests get promoted to bishop, etc, in a self-perpetuating clique of liturgical and religions correctness (as witness the former bishop of Antigonish, apparently known by his Bishop when he was a priest to be enamored of pictures of minor boys, promoted to bishop here and there).

  5. Each of the above comments contains elements of truth for the Church has always been, and will be until the parousia a blend of sin and grace. Clearly the issues of homosexuality and the selection (and perhaps the obligations of fraternal correction) of bishops needs to be constantly addressed in a faithful and thorough manner when discussing these dark days of the "long lent" the Church is suffering through. Let us be careful not to over-simplify the issue. I listed six reasons. There are no doubt others.

    Fr. Tim

  6. Coverups have always be there. I know priests and brothers who went to Southdown for a host of problems, not just drinking problems. I truly see the Church as its own entity...almost a "better than thou" attitude towards common folk. That attitude "once a priest always a priest" was always mentioned in my communitty. I think the Church has a lot of soul searching to do....from the Pope on down. I thnk Fr Tim and his constant speaking through CBC comments.....I'm not sure anymore.

  7. Anonymous: The majority of we priests also want the offenders out of our ranks as we are faithful to our vows and only want to be of service. I will pray that this truth become obvious to you through the ministrations of those who truly want to bring the authentic love of Christ to the world.

    Fr. Tim


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