22 November, 2009

Trying to understand

A person going by the handle "John T Hutt" posted the following in the threads of the Antigonish story on the CBC website:

TM4321 wrote: "....who is to say that foregoing an active sexual life is "abnormal", or that it is "abnormal" to control one's passions."

Tim, you have unintentionally hit the nail on the head. The entire problem has been caused by culture of sexual libertarianism that exists in the priesthood. For the most part, secular society controls the expression of "abnormal" passions. In fact most people in the wider world perform some sort of self-diagnosis and seek help if their passions are harmful to themselves or others. The problem with the Catholic Church is that the relatively normal passions of homosexuality have for cultural reasons bled over into the profoundly abnormal passions of child abuse.

I am trying to understand what he is saying. Any opinions?

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  1. Father Tim:

    I was reading Deborah Gyapong's blog this morning and came across a post that has some relevance to this item, at least in its first sentences:

    It is a quote from Father Dwight Longenecker:

    The moral crisis among Catholic clergy which has caused so much pain and scandal is the direct effect of mixing clerical celibacy (which modernists simply cannot understand) with modernism and the moral relativism of
    the sexual revolution. The resulting cocktail was disastrously poisonous.

    Deborah's post is here:


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