27 November, 2009

George Weigel defends the conclusions of Natural Law as the language of our society's great debates

I have had the honor for the past 20 years to be able to count George Weigel as a friend. His family's annual visits with Fr. Richard Neuhaus at his Ottawa Valley every summer afforded me the opportunity to dine and visit with George and participated in many discussions about the issues of faith,culture and politics. I have the privilege of reading each of his books, and I eagerly await his upcoming companion volume to Witness to Hope which should be available for purchase within the next year or so.

George takes on the editors of the Washington Post in an article posted here in which he makes an argument for the preservation of the cultural understandings that we have built our modern society on: the fruits of the application of reason and the natural law.

This is one of my favorite subjects to expound upon. I have been decrying the redefinition of our societal definitions since I began this blog. Simply put: if we let the forces of secular atheistic humanism vitiate definitions of such fundamental concepts such as "marriage" and other vital supports for our culture, then we will find that the voices of theists will be ignored or perhaps even silenced in these great debates.

Read George's thoughts on the subject, and reflect upon the number of opportunities we can access through the internet and other social media to make a rational defense of faith's wisdom. We are late in getting into the game, but the match is far from over.

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  1. Great post. I am so glad to see that people are smart enough to see that Cuccinelli is an amazing man. I hope we will have more politicians like him who will not be afraid to stand up for the truth.
    I love everything that Weigel writes. When my children have essays to write in highschool I say "Go see what George Weigel has to say about that". Last week my daughter had to write an essay on the collapse of communism and she found the articles she googled about him and communism helped her a lot in forming a better argument.
    I think everyone should read Weigel's book "letters to young Catholics". It is an amazing book to help us be proud of our Catholic Culture.
    Wow, wish I could be a fly on the wall at your dinners. Must be an amazing experience. I am hosting a monthly "Theology and Tea" group in my home trying to bring together some good conversations like this. We are such in need of good conversations these days.


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