04 November, 2009

The power of music

On the heels of my post about Roy Payne, Canadian musician, I stumbled across an interesting article on the First Things blog about the music of Bob Dylan.

What caught my eye was not any particular element of Joe Carter's excellent post, but rather the fact that his offering had engendered 34 comments on the first day that it was posted.

What is it about the power of music that it will elicit such a reaction?

Folks say that they can hear the voice of Christ in the words of Roy's song, yet they would be hard pressed to find His presence when they meet him in the flesh. Posts of any number of thought provoking ideas will perhaps inspire a few comments on the First Things site, but introduce the question of understanding a musicians muse and the comments come piling in.

I guess it's just one of those little life mysteries for people of faith to ponder.

The link to the First Things post can be found in the "reference articles" box on the left of the blog page.


  1. elicit not illicit

  2. There is a difference isn't there. Thanks. I made the correction.


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