26 November, 2009

Join the conversation!!

Your participation is invited to an enlightening conversation on the subject of the basic concepts of society.

"Advokat" is without a doubt as solid in his convictions of life as I am in mine. Clearly neither of us expects to "convert" the other. He is also as sincere in his willingness to engage in a civil debate/discussion about the major questions of the day. If I can use an obvious self-promotion, it's a discussion... "where the rubber hits the road."

Respect the integrity and authenticity of people such as (s)he, engage in the conversation. There is a great deal to learn from them and, as we ask that they not abuse us of our rights, so too we should refrain from pounding such souls with scripture and piety.

It's a civil conversation, perhaps even sometimes a heated debate: it is not a place or time to demonstrate one's evangelization skills.

We don't need to try and turn each other into "roadkill".

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