06 November, 2009

Is the Church a force for good? Fr. Richard John Neuhaus answered this question in 2007 debate

Fr. Tim Finnigan posts at The Hermeneutic of Continuity a link to letters to the editor in The Catholic Herald that followed a debate between Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens vs Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop Onaiyekan on the topic: "Is the Church a force for good?" in which the theists "lost".


Aside from the excellent points made in these letters, I was reminded of a debate in New York sponsored by The Economist Magazine (2007) on a the related topic: "Religion and Politics should always be kept seperate" in which my late friend, Fr. Richard Neuhaus bested his opponents.

I participated in a CBC television program that was inspired by his performance. A link to an abridged Youtube posting this 15 minute documentary is posted below.


Further, here is a link to a text article which summarizes RJN's argument:


A biographical article on Fr. Neuhaus can be found at the following site:


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