17 November, 2009

Excellent dialogue on St. Joseph's Health Care Center's (London, Ontario) practice in dealing with unborn babies who suffer fatal anomalies

I have been engaged in a civil and enlightening discussion with "Steve" who blogs at Catholic Dialogue (http://catholic-dialogue.blogspot.com/) on the controversial practice of inducing early birth for babies determined to have fatal deformities. LifeSiteNews brought attention to this story by declaring that this was a Catholic hospital that was performing "abortions".

While I do not agree with the assessment of those who are opposed to this practice, it is one that needs to be debated with the aim of bringing clarity to the issues. I have studied bioethics and moral theology as part of my seminary training and ongoing education, but I do not presume to call myself expert in these fields.

Your presence in this discussion would no doubt be welcome by Steve, as well as by anyone who is concerned about this issue.

See you there!


  1. Dear Fr.Tim:

    I have encouraged Steve, who is a seeker of the Truth, which I personally applaud, for its importance to the life and health of our beloved Church, to contact Fr. Prieur at St. Peter's Seminary directly.

    Fr. Mickey is a very approachable, kind and gentle man of deep faith and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and his input is mandatory for an understanding of the issues being discussed.

    To paraphrase the Mr. Ed song about the taling horse, from my own youth:
    Go right to the source and ask the horse (or priest)
    He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse.
    He's always on a steady course.
    Talk to Mister Ed (or Fr. Mickey, in this case).

  2. Why not post your audited financial statement?

  3. Anonymous: "Why not post your audited financial statement?" ?????


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