14 June, 2013

‘Radical disaster’: Quebec pushes ahead with bill to allow doctors to kill their patients | LifeSiteNews.com

‘Radical disaster’: Quebec pushes ahead with bill to allow doctors to kill their patients | LifeSiteNews.com


  1. Pat Dunnigan14 June, 2013

    The News about this matter has been around for many months. The actual move towards legislation is more than 2 days old.
    Any comment from the Catholic Church on this?
    Not one that I have found.
    Same old same old !
    Wait until it is passed into Law, and then begin the protest which will be as limp as they did about same-sex marriage, and a host of other matters about which they feign objection.
    Take the CCCB and put it and them in a Museum for useless bodies some place in the High Artic.
    They leave us out in the cold anyway.

    1. Pat: The CCCB responded through the COLF - their organization dedicated to promoting life and families with the following text that was issued yesterday. Here's a link to their statement. In our diocese it was sent to all the parishes to be distributed this weekend at the behest of our bishop (+Mulhall).


      Fr. Tim

  2. Pat Dunnigan14 June, 2013

    This is even worse than I thought they would do.
    What a bunch of cowards! They issue a statement through a different organization, which very few people even know about.
    Outside of themselves, how many News organizations, etc. Even know about COLF, and that they are now the mouthpiece for the cowardly CCCB ?
    An old saying applies here very well: When you lead from behind you will only smell the droppings of the horses !
    This really is a disgrace. What could be expected of the cowardly AB Smith, and MSGR Pat Powers, except this bunch of crap.
    Thank Gog it will be they who answer to God for doing nothing.
    The Catholic Church, by these forms of devolution, and hands-off approaches, is disgusting.
    But, what else should we expect from a bunch on nobody-Bishops.


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