29 June, 2013

BIG BLUE WAVE: This is an atheist monument?


  1. Ursala Doan29 June, 2013

    It is not a movement. It is a mirage , constructed from the minds of persons who wish to live without restraint, without being answerable to anyone, and does not believe in an after-life.
    Strangely tho, some of them do try to tell others how to live.
    Is it a paradox, or just a cop-out?

    1. Atheists do not tell non believers how to live. You've chosen your meaning by choosing your religion we haven chosen to find meaning in our lives by living meaningful lives. And who are we answerable to? Ourselves and each other, not some life to come but those we help or hinder right here and now.

    2. I guess you can rationalize anything, but, still end up wrong-which you seem to have done.
      So in your way of thinking (if that is what it is), you created me, and I created you, and the beginning has no end, and the end has no beginning !
      How perfectly stupid.
      Even a 6 year-old knows better than that.
      Too bad you missed any classes about logic that may have been offered in wherever you grew up.
      You really are very empty.

    3. And even a 6 year old better behave better than that.

  2. The birds will be happy though. They have a new target to s--t on. Paul G


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