23 June, 2013

A re-purposing of a Romanian Catholic Church in the spirit of the Gospel as practiced by the Worker-Priest Movement


ALLIANCE, Ohio (AP) -- In 2012, the phone rang at Bishop John Michael Botean's office in Canton: It was an elderly parishioner from tiny St. Theodore's parish.
"She said 'We've rolled our last cabbage roll; we can't do it anymore,'" Botean recalled.
It was the end of a chapter in the story of the Romanian immigrants who came to Alliance to work in its steel mills and factories.
"More and more parishes don't have the same kind of jobs that Romanians came here for 100 years ago," Botean said.
However, the head of Romanian Catholic Diocese of Canton (Eastern Rite) said he saw the impending closing of St. Theodore's social hall as opportunity for a new outreach.

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