25 June, 2013

How Will Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Change Our Culture? | Daily News | NCRegister.com

I am uncertain as to the validity of this argument given our experiences here in Canada over the past decade. It seems as if the extension of marriage rights to same sex couples has not brought about the societal catastrophes predicted by some, but I doubt that SSM is as benign as its advocates suggest either. But even if the entire argument laid out in this article is imperfect, there are elements within it that are well worth considering.

How Will Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Change Our Culture? | Daily News | NCRegister.com


  1. I've still to meet anyone who can give a specific effect gay marriage has had upon their marriage (although my wife claims my colour sense has improved).

    I think the greatest effect on society has been that the near universal prejudice against gays is mostly gone. Even people who don't agree with gay marriage themselves or wouldn't want gay marriage for their children see no reason to impose their views on others who don't share their religion.

    The other change that people may fear in society is that without the societal prejudice against gays young people who feel attracted to the same sex will be less likely live straight lives as best they can and come out as gay. The societal pressure not to be gay was a strong incentive to not act on those impulses and now that is gone. Family and religious pressure remain but they are faltering as well.

    1. One more comment from a person who has no idea of what harm has already been done. He is as gullible as the Author, who relies on so-called data, from some study, done with only one outcome in mind. Then they refer to it as Science!
      What pure foolishness ! It is nothing more than wailing in the dark, hoping to keep enemies away.
      Rationalist is just trying to poke holes in Christianity, and answers only to one who already was dealt with by God.

    2. Dannyboy - What specific harm has been done to you by allowing gays to marry?

    3. You really are a Twit.
      You posit a theory, and when someone on here reacts to it, thinking it is error, you come back with a show-me suggestion.
      Show all of us why you use this site to try to prove how modern your views are, when you have your own sight to do that.
      Your constant rant about the Catholic Church is very annoying, and I wish someone would give you a great poke in the nose for your sniping at us.
      Talk to Satan- he will listen to you.

  2. Dannyboy - I have just a different point of view on things, in so many ways.


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