29 June, 2013

Francis: "We need to grow in collegiality" - Vatican Insider

Clearly Francis is a pope who appreciates Vatican II!! Another wonderful sign that he will be the instrument to bring new life and spirit to the Church.

BTW, did you know that 'collegiality' was a concept introduced to the Council by Canadian Bishops? Neat, eh?
Francis: "We need to grow in collegiality" - Vatican Insider

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  1. Art Hansel29 June, 2013

    I had not heard that the concept of collegiality was brought forward by Canadians.
    If this is meant to infer the CCCB is in total agreement with that concept, then how could they possibly be hiding Truth, avoiding Truth, and through individual Bishops, be suppressing the Truth.
    Why is it that Bishops do not want the Priests of their Diocese to preach on homosexuality, contraception, gay marriage, and other matters related to such manners of lifestyle which remain incongruous with the stated beliefs and teaching of the Magisterium?
    The Deposit of Truth is supposed to rest with the teachings and Proclamations of the Magisterium, and, by Faith we learned it to be Jesus Christ Himself, who IS TRUTH.


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