21 June, 2013

Words to live by!


  1. Even if ‘Right’ was an existing reality and not merely a value judgement on reality, it would still appear to be contradictory and ironic that Ezra T. Benson should say so and that Fr. Tim you should suggest we live by these and that Rationalist you should agree with all.
    If what I say is false,thats because I don't know the truth. If what I say is true,thats because it dosn't come from me.

  2. We may not know, with absolute certainty, what is right, but very often we know what is wrong. Now obviously Mr. Benson, being a Mormon, would hold various things to be true that both Fr, Tim and I would disagree with. But stepping outside of who said it, the statement hold truth, even thought we don't always obey it.

  3. Larry Green22 June, 2013

    The assertions made by each one of you are ironic and contradictory for three separate reasons , each different one peculiar to each one of you three.


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