22 June, 2013

Show Catholic Courage at Work

NCRegister | Show Catholic Courage at Work

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  1. Larry Green22 June, 2013

    It takes much more courage for any Catholic to stand up against the powers of the church and to disturb the established ideological order. It has become abundantly clear to most of us ’sheeple’ that we have for a lifetime been receiving instruction and spiritual ‘guidance’ from - in large part- , pedophiles , pedophile enablers , criminals and hypocrites- not to mention the egocentric notion of the transcendent. If we don’t have one of these telling us what Jesus Christ says or where Jesus Christ is then we can’t know…. Right? Whoever fails to question whether such an institution can be a force for good does so from an attitude which defies human nature. For those the metaphor ‘sheep’ has become concretized and no longer fits as well as perhaps ‘ostrich’ does.
    The campaign to create warriors out of individual (Catholic people) is ,thankfully, a lame one. The church no longer has the external seductive power (spiritual or otherwise) it once had. Apparently the ones seduced by power for the most part now are those wielding it.
    If what I say is false ,then that’s because I don’t know the truth. If what I say is true, then that’s because it doesn’t come from me.


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