17 June, 2013

Two exes, one house: How they still live side-by-side - A most creative solution to a tragic situation... one which places the interests of the children first!

Given the swelling number of families facing the financial and social challenges of how to live after a divorce with young children, I wonder if some real estate developer might start building such units for sale or rent. Perhaps a new market for contractors who could retro-fit urban housing to meet this untapped market could help fuel the economic activity which would keep both spouses employed in the proximate region to where they live.

I've actually seen a similar application in old church rectories where door could be locked on both sides to separate the clerics and the live-in staff in their respective living quarters. Who knew the same architecture would work to facilitate the successful parenting by divorced spouses!

Two exes, one house: How they still live side-by-side | CTV News

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  1. Years ago I saw a clip on the news about a couple in Quebec who were divorcing and they decided the children live in the house and the parents move in and out every 2 weeks (or so). As they said to have the children go to one parent's place or another would be too much of a disruption. The mother said "Where would they keep their teddy bears?". Too often people say children are flexible they'll adapt. But they aren't. They're very conservative and want things to happen the same way and are bothered when circumstances change. When parents decide to divorce, that's bad enough, but minimize the disruption to the children.


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