19 June, 2013

Has post-Vatican II catechesis of Catholic youth failed? - duh...YES it has!

Whenever I first approach a new school, I've taken to starting by giving the graduating class a little pop quiz consisting of three simple questions.

1. What is the 'Trinity'?
2. Is Jesus God?
3. What are the three principal divisions of clergy within the RC Church?

To date, after 24 years of ministry, I have had a grand total of two students answer these three questions correctly.

So YES! Post-Vatican II catechesis has indeed failed Catholic youth.

Has post-Vatican II catechesis of Catholic youth failed? | The American Catholic


  1. I hope Fr that with the Internet, direct access to many documents and the Vatican, and the slow, but somewhat increasing gravitation of my generation and the millennialist to wanting what our parents (and teachers) didn't give us, perhaps your numbers will increase.

  2. Ted Baxter19 June, 2013

    It really comes down to the obvious. Are the lambs being fed? In far too many cases the answer is NO !
    Bland homilies, seeking to not offend anyone, leaves everyone wondering why they went to Church that day.
    Priests who do not believe in what they are supposed to teach, will always turn to something stupid like current events or some other nonsense.
    The article really is a duuuu.

  3. Even as an atheist (former Catholic) I've had to correct Catholics on what their faith believes. Several times I was told I was not telling the truth so I email them a link to Vatican.va so they can see what they are to believe.

    Have you ever asked how many can name the sacraments?

    Joke : In catechism class the teacher asked the children what was the first and most important sacrament. "Baptism" all but girl answered. She said it's marriage. "We're respectable".

  4. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    You missed your calling-- you could be a failed comic!


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