26 June, 2013

Marriage Is Dead And The Church Is Next - NCRegister

Really? The Church is next? Actually this might just prove to be true.

Look at what's happening now in Quebec, the first province to legalize same-sex marriages in Canada. The provincial government there has now introduced a 'charter' of secularism - an act that openly intends to drive the Church from the public square. If you doubt this, listen to the Premiere (Pauline Marois) in one of the many interviews she has given on the subject. She unabashedly states that the Church is an anachronistic vestigial remnant that no longer has any validity in the public forum. She uses our opposition to abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage as evidence of her contention that the Church is no longer a 'progressive force for good' and should be consigned to the trash heap of history.

So given that Quebec tends to run about 10 years ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to social legislation, it may well be that the Church is indeed about to face a threat to its ability to function outside its walls - if not to its very existence.

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  1. Too bad actual Truth does not register with the National Catholic Register. What a rag,
    Why it is quoted here is a mystery to most readers I am sure.
    But, the blogger feels the need to post something- no matter what it is- even if it is not what could be expected from someone who claims to Evangelize !
    We are living in very confused, and sinful time.

  2. Marion: I think you're confusing the National Catholic Register with the National Catholic Reporter. The former strives to promote the orthodox and magisterial positions of the Church... the former does not.

    So yes, someone is confused. But it's neither the author of this article nor me.

    Fr. Tim

  3. Larry Green26 June, 2013

    Fr. Tim,
    The National Catholic Register strives to promote the orthodox and magisterial positions of the church and the National Catholic Register does not strive to promote the orthodox and magisterial positions of the church.
    The premises here are not confusing but they are contradictory and the conclusion derived from them is ironic.

  4. Larry: You seem to have made the same mistake as Marion. One is called the Register. The other is the Reporter. They are two different American publications. I don't see where the confusion or irony exists.

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. Any damage on the Island from the storms the other day? Friends told me that there was quite a bit around Fort Coulonge and Otter Lake. I hope Chapeau and area were spared a similar fate.

  5. Larry Green27 June, 2013

    Tim, I am aware of the two different publications.Proof read your criticism of Marion.

    P.S. No damage in our area that I know of.

  6. Larry: I'm glad to hear that there's no damage on the Island. Thanks for that info.

    I see my error now. It should have read that the FORMER promotes the Church teachings while the LATTER doesn't. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't allow me to edit comments or I would make the change in my response to Marion. Your comment helps to clarify what I was trying to say. Thank you... much appreciated!

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. I've been unable to find anyone who can replace me this summer so I have to work all the weekends, but I'm planning to spend as much time during the week as possible at the cottage. Perhaps you and Arden might like to come one day for supper there? Aside from giving me the chance to apologize to her for missing our earlier date at your place, it would give us the chance to get caught up with each other.

  7. Poor baby. This Priest is trying to get out of working on the weekends.
    I guess he will have to change Sunday as a day of obligation.
    Several Priests I know have said the only time they are really busy is at Christmas and Easter.
    Apparently, Fr Moyle is not up to it anymore.
    Telling everyone else how to do things has worn the poor man out.
    Oh well, the Church will survive this crisis. Ron

  8. Ron: What an inane comment! Nowhere have I said anything close to what you claim. So what's your agenda beyond distortions, lies, and slander? Not much I bet. Perhaps if you came out of your mother's basement every now and then and got some fresh air, it might clear up your shitty disposition.

    And yes... the Church will survive and priests will remain faithful despite the crisis and damage caused by idiots like you who are more concerned with insults than promoting the faith.

    So if you actually do talk to priests, perhaps you should ask one to hear your confession. You obviously have A LOT to discuss with him.

    Fr. Tim


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