10 May, 2012

Off to Ottawa!

2011 Rally for Life on Parliament Hill
Friends: I'm about to board a bus to head to Ottawa to participate in today's National Pro-life demonstration on Parliament Hill. I ask your prayers for a safe trip and successful rally. I'll try to take some pictures and post here later tonight.

Thank you.

Fr. Tim


  1. Will do!! God bless for a safe journey.

  2. Trust you had a good day and home safely. I was in the area of Rideau and Wellington earlier today and was somewhat amazed at the number of young people who were carring signs and really ,as a group, all seemed very upbeat.That bodes well for our future but I have to agree that we'er a long way off from any laws being changed. After all it all started centuries ago and became a 'modern day' law in the 40's.We won that battle but I fear we lost the war.


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