21 May, 2012

Is the American press anti-Catholic? | The American Catholic

Is the American press anti-Catholic? | The American Catholic

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  1. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    I think you'll find that the "anti Catholic" faction in the press, World wide , are mostly men and women who grew up Catholic, received Catholic educations, love and revere the Catholic faith and still, by and large claim to be Catholic.

    They are unhappy with the current leadership of the Church. They want reform and so they rail against the current make up of the hierarchy, the persecution of Catholics that follow a liberal tradition, the marginalization of Women religious, the ostracization of the out Gay Catholic community, forced celibacy etc, etc.

    You may not, probably do not, like these people. You may not want to consider them Catholic at all. That's your problem. To their lights, they are in fact pro Catholic. To mine as well.

    There is something wrong with the Church, Tim. Something wrong with you. To say this is not anti Catholic at all. It's pro Catholic. Saying that these people should leave the Church and become Protestants and that they are anti Catholic just doesn't wash. Head in the sand stuff.


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