17 May, 2012

The most fundamental of religious truths for believers

Thanks to Cristina Alarcon for posting this on her Facebook page.


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    Careful, Tim. Women in the church, even the Blessed Teresa often turn out to be a two edge sword for the repressive, all male, priestly autocracy.

    Teresa had a lot to say about those who question and doubt and casts a lot of doubt upon those who would criticize those that do.

  2. Anonymous18 May, 2012

    Mother Teresa was nothing like the pant suite nuns with men's hair cuts that rail against the church today promoting paganism, pantheism and all manner of new age quackery. She was Catholic. Ironically its the orders that embrace church teaching as Mother Teresa did that are growing while the "progressive" orders are dying off.


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