27 May, 2012

GSA reversal puts church and government on collision course

GSA reversal puts church and government on collision course


  1. Greg Keenan27 May, 2012

    And where is that usless body of Bishops in the Province of Ontario?
    The silence is deafening.
    As usual, they will wait too long, until the game is over. Then they will again claim they did their best.
    What a sick joke they are!

  2. Greg: In most cases in the past, you are absolutely correct. But be assured that this was not the case this time. The Bishop lobbied HARD with the government and had reached an agreement which would have permitted the Catholic schools to set up anti-bullying groups. Alas, the government withdrew that concession literally at the last minute possible and the Bishops were caught flat-footed. If they made a mistake, it was in trusting a politicans promise.

    I wish that they would have learned the lesson of their Quebec brothers who were similarly sandbagged by that provincial government when they gave up the rights to confessional schools. They trusted the government of the day when they said that the schools could still teach Catholic catechism - a 'privilege' that was taken away within two years in the name of creating an 'equal' system for people of all or no beliefs.

    Government promises are not worth the paper that they are written on! You'd think that men as intelligent as Bishops would know that... but they don't seem to have yet gotten the message!

    Fr. Tim

  3. A writer from Rome on what is happening in the Vatican these days explains that today's ordinandi are not the brightest of the lot and are poorly taught whether in Rome or elsewhere. The Ontario bishops are, for the most part, an ex ample of this malaise in educational matters.There is an archbishop in Ontario who loves to have his picture in every blog in full regalia and seems more interested in travel and in a certain religious order than in running a diocese.It will take time to sort this all out.Time that the church may not have before it truly does become 'a remnant'

  4. Greg Keenan28 May, 2012

    Father, who told you Bishops are intelligent?
    They are in place more for coverup and show than for their adherence to the teachings of Jesus, and intelligence which would flow from their adherence.
    They are mostly mental midgets.

  5. Anonymous28 May, 2012

    Hi Tim and Greg,

    Try as I might, I am at a loss to understand why the Bishops and some Catholics object to allowing students to name their anti-gay bullying clubs "GSA".

    The standard objection appears to be that by naming the clubs "GSA" - we are somehow telegraphing our implicit support of the "gay lifestyle".

    In response to that concern, I note that there really is no such thing as a "gay lifestyle". There are however gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered students. To deny them the ability to identify as LGBT, are we not enforcing the "closet", i.e. forcing them to remain invisible? Doesn't the project of creating tolerant and safe spaces for LGBT students within our schools involve creating some awareness among all staff and students that LGBT students are not invisible and that it is OK for them to be "out"?

    Would appreciate your perspective on this aspect of the issue.

  6. Anonymous28 May, 2012

    50 years ago the priests used to force us to attend catechism. I think this caused more of my age mates to reject Catholicism in early adolescence than anything else. Most never reconciled with the church and remain at best estranged. Clearly a bad idea by the priests.

    All of these measures that denigrate and marginalize Gays, women and set up priests as somehow more in touch with God than and superior to others put the Catholic church in a bad light. Women and Gays are some of the strongest and most active participants in the life of the church. Priests are the ones that end up being exposed by their bad behavior as morally weak. They steal money, they coerce sex, they are not part of and do not empathize with the communities they serve.

  7. Anonymous29 May, 2012

    Any lengths gone to before they call things what they really are. For the last 100 years they should have been calling the Catholic priesthood what it really is, a branch of the organization, NAMBLA.


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