16 May, 2012

Hotter-than-usual temperatures expected this summer | CTV News

Given that I believe government cutbacks have resulted in Environment Canada being reduced down to three blind, arthritic old men in a room without windows ("Ow... my arm hurts. It's going to rain"), I would recommend keeping a snow shovel and/or umbrella close at hand if they are predicting hot and dry weather for the summer ahead.

Hotter-than-usual temperatures expected this summer | CTV News


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2012

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  2. The more cutbacks the better...and..reduced taxes on individuals and businesses

    1. And farmers who don't have accurate weather predictions will make the wrong planting or harvesting decisions and we all suffer. Airlines will fail to redirect planes away from storms and people's lives will be endangered. Tornado warnings will not be issued and lives will be lost. Water and air quality will not be monitored and of course, the goal, nasty unpleasant news about climate change will be lessened.

      The savings to each Canadian, about the cost of 5 litres of gasoline a year (at least at today's rates).

  3. Anonymous16 May, 2012

    Bravo Saturn - if you were near, I would buy you a beer! (Good rhyme). I know I show my spots as a voting citizen but I'm sorry, I want government to provide me with what I cannot provide for myself: safe borders, clean water, police, fire and a few more for good order. Can you imagine what our ancestors would say about the unbelievable bureaucracy we have created? And what are we getting for it? What are they producing? I know many love the government tit and all of the accompanying benefits that we cannot afford, but it is not sustainable.

    I believe, like many political commentators, that we may well face the day of reckoning like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain..........the entitlement society, highlighted especially by big government is not sustainable. We thought they hit the street during the G8/20. You ain't seen nothing yet.

  4. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    What is it with Global Warming? It's straight forward subject of scientific study. It doesn't have anything to do with the Holy Land, reactionary politics, straight laced morality, abortion phobia or women's rights issues... and yet, every Neocon Bullethead, Right wing Wacko, constipated fundamentalist religious nut, abortion clinic demonstrator and misogynist Neanderthal, can't wait to cue up as a weather change denier. What up wit dat?

  5. Clean water. That would be Environment Canada. The trouble is they keep saying things the government doesn't like to hear about the safety of the water supply. Better the Harper government thinks to to just suppress the messenger.


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