16 May, 2012

Charles W. Colson, R.I.P. | First Things George Weigel says good bye

Charles W. Colson, R.I.P. | First Things


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2012

    Charles Colson was a religious bully who styled himself a minister of the Gospel, a thug in the Marine Corps, pretending to false patriotism and one of the worst criminals in the Nixon White house of the Watergate era. He is notorious and reviled by all but the most reactionary and repressive elements of society.

    Tim Moyle and George Weigel think he was a grand fellow. Now there's a surprise!

  2. Anon: Actually, we believe in the power of conversion: 'metanoia'. Mr. Colson was an excellent example of that grace. You, on the other hand are offering the opposite grace with your comment: paranoia.

    Chuck Colson is in better shape than you.

    Fr. Tim


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