23 May, 2012

The Mandate War - George Weigel - National Review Online

The Mandate War - George Weigel - National Review Online

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  1. Anonymous23 May, 2012

    These cases will likely be bundled together and pushed toward the Supreme Court, with it's 4 justice, traditionalist Catholic plurality (Roberts, Scalia, Alito and Thomas). If they prevail in their support of the Bishops, there will never be another traditionalist Catholic nominated or confirmed to the US Supreme Court. I personally doubt Justice Roberts would let that happen but we'll see. It's likely he would let the verdict of the next lower Court stand, whatever that is, as a self protective measure for the court.

    Should be interesting.

    The case itself is not of real interest. Whether Catholic provides contraception coverage in it's insurance package is really a minor issue. Dolan and the other bishops have simply chosen this issue to draw the line in the sand on. That's what makes it interesting.


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